Legacy Solutions


When you pass away it is vital that your original Will can be found quickly otherwise it cannot be used and a former Will could be used instead, or the laws of Intestacy could apply. This would be worse than never having written a Will in the first place.

Some people may simply think that they would put their Will in amongst all their other papers in a drawer or in the attic, without thinking what would happen if the house were to burn down.

It is therefore vitally important that the Will you intend to be used when you die is kept safely, securely and in perfect condition.

Wherever you decide to store your Will, please always remember to tell your Executors where to look for this important document.

Legacy Solutions can provide a safe storage facility to look after your Will and other important documents. This will give you the peace of mind from knowing that your Will is safe from theft, fire, flood, from being misplaced at home, or from falling into the wrong hands.