Legacy Solutions

Making a Will can seem a daunting and emotional experience which people often put off, but we at Legacy Solutions are expert at providing clear, simple and compassionate advice to ease you through the process.

Our home visiting service is designed to fit round your lifestyle and we can arrange daytime, evening or weekend appointments to suit.

With no complicated forms to fill in, we listen while you tell us what you want to happen when you have gone.  We then discuss and advise on the merits, practicalities and even legality of what you propose.  When we are confident that we understand your instructions completely and that you also understand the actions that you are taking, we go away to draw up a draft document for you to look at and ask any questions which you might have. This is also a time to make subtle changes should you wish.  Given the approval to proceed we create the final document ready for signing which we then bring back to you to supervise your correct signing which turns this into a legally binding document.

Without making a Will, almost certainly the cost of distributing your assets is likely to be higher when you die than if you had made one. Also, not only will it be upsetting for your family, but also time consuming.  For the cost of a little time and planning now you can minimise the stress and suffering your loved ones will endure when you have gone.


Executors and Trustees are appointed by you to attend to your affairs and to ensure that your final wishes are carried out.  Often the surviving husband or wife will be appointed with one, or two, others as back up or reserves.  These others could be adult children, brothers and sisters or family friends.  Where specific Will trusts are set up there should at least two Trustees in addition to the surviving spouse.  Unlike solicitors and some will writers, Legacy Solutions will never seek or require to be appointed as Executors.


If you have children under the age of 18 then you will need to appoint Guardians.  It might be better to appoint the children’s favourite aunt or uncle rather than a grandparent, especially if the grandparents are elderly.


You decide who you wish to leave your property and wealth to when you die.  Often this will be a husband, wife or partner with provision to give to children if the husband,wife or partner dies before you.  If there are no children then you should think about who should inherit instead.  This could be brothers and sisters, friends, charities or anyone else of your choosing.


Once your Will is completed it will need to be signed and dated before it becomes a legal document.  This will have to be done in front of two witnesses who will also sign to confirm that they have witnessed you sign your Will.


Witnesses have to be over 18, must not be a Beneficiary or married to or partner of a Beneficiary.  


Having written your Will it is important to keep it safe and that your Executors know where to find it.  A lost Will is worse than not having made one in the first place!